• Lazy River Pony is located in Corrales NM. We are a kid oriented place offering a wholesome experience to the young horse person We have safe ponies with years of experience with young children. We offer vaulting classes, pony rides and year round weekend vaulting lessons. Also for the summer season, we will be holding a Summer Camp with concentration on equine activities and Bosque Education.

    For Pony Party Information

    Programs and activities offered at Lazy River Pony:

    Classes and clinics Offered for all ages and all abilities;

    • Tiny Tots pony Vaulting and tumbling
    • Vaulting (gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse)
    • Stunt riding…falling off clinics
    • Tiny Tots balance improvement
    • Child balance improvement
    • Adult balance improvement
    • Beginner horse safety
    • Creative movement dancing
    • Pony rides for parties
    • Bosque Education guide
    • Poi and Fire dancing equipment and lessons

    We teach activities that increase strength and flexibility, improve coordination and balance, nurtures self esteem, challenge the imagination, improve rhythm and timing, enhance the respect for nature, and strengthen children for other sports. The most important skill we teach is how to fall off a horse.