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    A team called Lazy River Vaulters

    One of the special things at Lazy River Pony is our involvement with horse vaulting and the American Vaulting Association. Aside from the traditional English saddle, we use a safer surcingle contraption. In Europe, vaulting is taught before horse back riding. Interested students can learn vaulting techniques both on the moving horse and a vaulting barrel. Vaulting is actually safer than horseback riding and gymnastics it is an excellent way to improve your athletic ability, confidence and flexibility. Also teaches you how to fall without hurting yourself.

    Vaulting and horseback riding are activities that increase strength and flexibility, improve coordination and balance, nurtures self esteem, challenge the imagination, improve rhythm and timing, enhance the respect for nature, and conditions children for other sports. Vaulting is gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse. Don’t miss the chance to participate in a very unique sport.


    Visit the team website at


    2003 Octoberfest Lee and Maya Thomas parent child double on Blueberry.

    2003 Vaulting clinic at Colemine farm with the Albuquerque Vaulters on Jake the pony.

    2003 Barrel fest Maya Thomas 4yrs old.

    2004 Maya 6yrs old on Paddington in GA.

    2006 Octoberfest Albuquerque NM 8 yr old Maya Thomas and her pony Jaco.

    2006 Octoberfest Maya and her pony Jaco (Jay co)


    Adopt a horse One year of feed and shavings per horse, $2,500

    One year of shoes for your favorite horse, +/- $750 ”

    Sponsor a handicapped vaulter/private lessons @ $30.00/lesson, $1560 for a year

    ” Volunteers to work with vaulters and horses, in both locations, $Priceless ” Those who donate items (cars, property, furniture, supplies, equip) and cash, $Priceless ”

    Sponsor a Vaulter (@ $75/month, for one year of classes), $900 ”

    Wall of mirrors for exercise room, $1000 ”

    Competition Uniforms (unitard, warm-ups, and shoes), $225 ”

    Sponsor a (handicapped or non-handicapped) vaulter to a competition, +/- $75 ”

    Practice uniforms (shirts, pants and shoes), $75 ”

    Printer paper (per case), $25 ”

    Horse tack (bridles, pads, etc.; at assorted prices), $??? ” Building supplies for a barn, $???

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